The Breakfast

Trailer Breakfast


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WorldFest Houston Nominated for a Remi Award at 46th Worldfest-Houston 2013, USA. The festival, the oldest Indie film festival in the world, takes place between - April 12 - 22.

Asiana International Short Film Festival Official Selection at the 10th Asiana International Short Film Festival, 2012, South Korea. The short film "The Breakfast" directed by Pablo Millán and starring Jorge Sieiro, has been selected in the Asiana International Short Film Festival in South Korea, the first and genuine international competitive short film festival in Korea. The Breakfast is one of the 55 finalists, 2152 short films were submited this year. The festival runs November 1st to November 6th in Seoul. *Screenings: *Friday 2th November - 13:30H (International Competition 5 Program) Cinecube Theater (Gwanghwamun Seoul). *Sunday 4th Nov. - 13:30H Int. Competition5 Cinecube Theater (Gwanghwamun Seoul).

Athens International Film Festival Official Selection at the 39th Athens Film & Video Festival, 2012, USA. The festival runs April 13 - 19 at the Athena Cinema. This event celebrates avant-garde, independent and alternative cinema. The festival is recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a Qualifying Festival.

Black Maria Film Festival Winner "Director's Choice Award" at the prestigious 31st Black Maria Film + Video Festival, 2012, USA. The short film "The Breakfast" takes part of the Black Maria Festival Tour. List of screenings


"This minimalist narrative wraps time around itself, as a lone character contemplates his surroundings as he merely prepares his breakfast. Beautifully photographed this rare work transform a prosaic scene into an arrestingly work the cerebral possibilities of cinema" - Black Maria Film Festival


Production Year: 2012

Director: Pablo Millan

Leading Actor: Jorge Sieiro

Script: Pablo Millan

Format: HD



Assistant Director: Ana Lombao

Post-production: Pablo Millan & Ana Lombao