Nominated for a Remi Award at 46th Worldfest-Houston 2013, USA.

Official Selection 10th Asiana International Short Film Festival, South Korea.

Official Selection 39th Athens International Film + Video Festival, USA.

Winner "Director's Choice" Award- 31th Black Maria Film Festival, USA.

Screening 12th Monstra Festival 2013, Lisboa Portugal.

"Fatum!" Screening in The Jamjar Gallery March 2013, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Official Selection Outbox International Short Film 2012, Beirut, Lebanon.

Winner Best Experimental Short Film- 20th Euroshorts, Poland.

Official Selection Festival Cortos con Ñ, Spain.

Official Selection 16 Festival de Cine de Zaragoza, Spain.

Winner "Director’s Award of TIC Brno" 52nd BRNO16 International Short Film Festival 2011, Czech Republic.

Screening in the program-Tribute to Berlanga "Berlanga y sus amigos" organized by Academia de Cine.

Selected in 22nd New Orleans Film Festival 2011, USA.

Selected in 4th Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium.

Selected in 4th "I've Seen Films" International Film Festival, Milan, Italy.

Selected in 7th BuSho Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary.

Winner Best International Short Film in Certamen Segundo de Chomon de Cortometrajes con Fx, Spain.

Selected in 15th PiFan- Puchon Int'l Fantastic Film Festival 2011, South Korea.

Selected in 8th DC Shorts Film Festival, Washington DC 2011.

Selected in 14th Just for Laughs Film Festival Montreal 2011, Canada.

Winner "Special Commendation" at 39 Festival de Cine de Huesca, Spain.

Selected in 9th Irpen Film Festival, Ukraine.

Selected in 8th Festival de Cans, O Porriño, 2011, Spain.

Winner "Special Jury Award" Best Short Film 44th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, 2011, EEUU.

Selected in VIII Curtocircuito International Short Film Festival, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Winner Best Film Editing in IV Festival de Curtas de Sada, Spain.

Selected in 14th Brussels Short Film Festival, 2011, Belgium.

Selected in 42th Nashville Film Festival, 2011, USA.

Selected in 12th Newport Beach Film Festival, 2011, USA.

Selected in 13th Boston Underground Film Festival, 2011, USA.

Selected in 20th Florida Film Festival, 2011, USA.

Winner "Director's Choice Award" 30th Black Maria Film + Video Festival, USA.

Selected in Câo Amarelo Mostra Internac. de Cinema Alternativo, 2011, Portugal.

Selected in 23rd Cineuropa Film Festival, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Selected in the 15º Festival de Cine International de Ourense, Spain.

Selected in the 8th Tirana International Film Festival, Albania.

Selected in the 30 Festival international du film d'Amiens, France.

Selected in 42nd Bolzano Short Film Festival, Italy.

Nominated "Méliès d'Argent Award" in 16th Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2010, Sweden.

Selected in 29th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden.

Selected in 21st Festival of Fantastic Films of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Selected in 18th Raindance Film Festival , London, United Kingdom.

Selected in Anaheim International Film Festival 2010, California, USA.

Selected in Berwick upon Tweed Film & Media Arts Festival 2010, United Kingdom.

Selected in 10th Sopot Film Festival 2010, Poland..

Selected in 14th LA Shorts Film Fest 2010, USA.

Winner "BEST OF SHOW-GRAND REMI" 41st Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, USA.

Short films

  • picture "The Breakfast"

    A lone man contemplates his surroundings and his life in front of his breakfast. A minimalist narrative that wraps time around itself.




    Fatum is the boundless force of opposition against free will... After reading bad news in the morning paper a man becomes a victim of his own fears.


    picture"Long Path of Stone"

    Visual and sonorous journey where the stone is the main element from which emerge concepts as the work, death, the mystic..., taking Galicia as the place to perform it, with a submerged culture that adores the stone.


    picture "The Bloodsucking Witch"

    Galician traditional legend that tells the story of a woman that loses all her children one after the other because of a strange evil that weaken them till they're dead.


    picture"The Spell"

    An artist prepares everything to have a creative day. Alcohol was an indispensable element in the ritual.


    picture "Night & Day"



    picture "Requiem for the Drunkers"






    picture "Contratiempo"